Just a teenaged girl who got sucked into tumblr by a hard-core TMNT addiction.
I also love roleplaying, so PLEASE don't hesitate to message me if you are bored and want a RP partner (my muse is set in the tmnt 2012 universe, but I'm flexible.)
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for juice-slammer-deactivated201404  who a long time ago asked for Mikey and April doing some family-like bonding.

Well…this is what my brain coughed up and IT WOULDN’T LET GO. I’m so sorry juice-slammer that this took so long! Some of the poses were really hard to figure out. XD

This is, of course, with all due respect and homage to the fabulous Mr. Bill Waterson. Calvin and Hobbes was such a formative part of my life, you can’t even imagine. XD

Sorry, I’m not good with continuity apparently. Mikey and April’s heights keep changing, and so does her face..>_<